Myanmar (Burma): The Temples of Bagan

Destination: Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

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Located in central Myanmar (Burma), Bagan is one of the most magnificent and inspiring sites in Southeast Asia. With over 3,200 temples and stupas dotting its landscape, this ancient Buddhist capital provides travelers a unique opportunity to explore the evolution of Bagan’s art and architecture.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Wonderful guide
I bought this guide hoping to learn more about the Bagan temples. stupas and pagodas I’d seen on a recent trip to Myanmar (Burma). This guide totally delivers what a traveler needs with descriptions, maps, and photos of the period styles and “best of” temples and stupas one might be lucky enough to see in this area of more than 2000 structures. Best of all, it’s digital so it’s easy to load and carry along when visiting this magical site. Yes, I’m planning to return come winter with the guide and flashlight. I had no idea guides like this were available.
Terrific resource!

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